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Artist Community

Working with My Favorite Art Place enables you to have a variety of artwork to create a work environment that builds corporate culture and communicates your brand. Or, if you’re decorating your home – we have a wide selection for you as well! We have a variety of resources to accomplish this. One of our favorites is by using art from many different artists. Here is a look at just some of our favorite artists. Originals or giclee’s on many types of materials. We hope you’ll enjoy perusing our gallery.

We add life and energy to your space allowing you to enjoy a variety of styles and type of artwork. We are especially proud of the artists with whom we partner to provide you with high-quality pieces. Be they custom or inventory pieces, originals or giclees (for our 2D artists), you can be sure that we will deliver art pieces consistent with your vision.

Scott Menaul

Click on the image to the left to see examples of his work. Find more at Many of the pieces can be adjusted to custom size to fit your space. Contact My Favorite Art Place about having his work included in your project. 


Lisa Martin Smallwood (AKA Liasi ) a native from Philadelphia Pennsylvania currently resides in Tampa Florida, where she is following her ambitions as a Visual Artist. Liasi had been influenced early in life by listening to iconic jazz singers and musician Her father Dowell Smallwood was a professional jazz drummer who played with; Johnny Styles and the Manhattans in the 1960’s. and her mother Pauline had the grace of a beautiful Aria Songstress.

Lorraine Potocki

I always wanted to be an artist and was my happiest when I was drawing. Even as a child, I was capturing my life experiences, like my brother practicing his accordion lessons (which I know he absolutely hated).

Caci Garau

I have recently concluded a rewarding professional career as a Registered Nurse for 40 years. Along my journey, Art has always been my passion and now I am able to pursue my inner creative dream. I uses oil paints as my medium.

Artwork of Caci Garau
Artwork of Karen Baker

Karen Baker

Karen Baker is an award-winning landscape and floral artist well known for her prolific Poppy Series. This stunning collection of original artwork catalogs over 160 images depicting vibrant red perennials in sweeping fields, informal garden settings, and close-up “portrait” studies.

Contact the artist through or My Favorite Art Place about having her artwork included in your project.

Ken Ferrara

Ken Ferrara has been photographing nature since the 1970s. He is passionate about using natural elements to compose facets of life that seem magical.

Heather Rippert

Heather Rippert is a Master Painter, Award Winning, Internationally Exhibited Fine Artist and Watercolorist, Specializing in Coastal Landscapes.

Cindy Allbritton

Cindy Allbritton is a local artist who is passionate about painting. A South Tampa semi-native , she is often inspired by local Florida landscapes. Color, texture and complexity of a subject often capture her attention.

Kate Gausche – Chroma Studio

My name is Kate. I’m an artist living in sunny St Petersburg, FL with my husband and our sweet puppy, Milo. Chroma Studio is an art fabrication space where we design and make wall art, sculptures, decor and more. We specialize in creating contemporary, yet organic pieces for both private and public spaces.

Lynne Parrish

Lynne is an accomplished professional artist whose career spans over 25 years. Although she has had the pleasure of traveling the country painting artistic creations that include one-of-a-kind signs, illustrations, designs, restaurant murals and artwork, Lynne can now be found working out of her studio located in the historic Old Northwest section of Largo, FL.
She also creates on location, and her masterpiece murals and paintings can be found throughout Belleair and the surrounding areas.

Artwork of Lynne Parrish
Artwork of Candy Schultheis

Candy Schultheis

Candy Schultheis , originally from Rhode Island, now lives in Dunedin and has her studio in downtown Dunedin. Her love for art began while working in her father’s photography studio, in the darkroom and in the art room retouching photos.
When introduced to a professor from the Rhode Island School of Design she took up oil painting.

Percy Kleinops

Artist and Poet. Oil and acrylics on canvas. Digital art. Abstract Expressionism to Impressionism. Trending towards Narrative Impressionism combining both art and poetry.

Artwork of Suzanne Murphy

Suzanne Murphy

As a child, I was drawn into the world of visual storytelling by 20th century illustrators such as N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. My influences broadened to painters like Degas, Sargent and Sorolla.

Tony Guinn

Tony Guinn is a very active photographer who views the world from many different angles, typically the view when hanging out of an airplane. His images for his “Water” collection include a mix of aerial and terrestrial including many of the Salt Ponds in Puerto Rico pre Irma.

Artwork of Dacota Maphis

Dacota Maphis

Born in Greenville South Carolina, Dacota Maphis is an award-winning artist living for and creating art daily in Clearwater Florida. She works in several mediums including Photography, Acrylic, Fashion Design and her favorite Digital Art. Whatever medium she is working it has a flavor of surreal or impressionistic or abstract with it core being to inspire people to love, think and at best smile. To see more of her work click on the image to the left.

Milt Rochman

Rochman was a contemporary artist whose view of the modern world was through the eyes of a romantic, classical Spanish or Roman artist. He believed in a simple world, devoid of hate, prejudice and greed. He believed in simple joys – women, music and nature – and these are central themes in all his work.

Here We Go Again Artwork of Milt Rochman