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Framed Art for Healthcare Environments

Statement Art Piece:

My Favorite Art Place likes to create a “Statement Art Piece” for the lobby of each Health Care Facility we install. This piece is designed to boldly set the tone, typically based on the theme of the facility. Examples include Local Landmarks, Custom Framed Art, Canvas and Metal Art created in the facilities colors, etc.

Ligature Resistant Art:

Ligature Resistant Art is created in a way that makes them safe for displaying artwork in healthcare and behavioral healthcare environments. This is more than simply using break resistant material. It includes specific types of materials and installation. My Favorite Art Place has an extensive offering of framing styles that are

  • Protective coated Murals of all sizes available.
  • Extensive selection of framing that slope away from the wall are available to match any decor.
  • All materials have been created to easily remove graffiti.
  • Tamper resistant screws or security hardware
  • Materials are appropriate for areas with water, eg: bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • A wide variety of ready-made artwork is available.
  • Mirrors of any size are available.
  • All pieces are created based on your facility design – custom size custom color.
  • Each frame is made to your specified dimensions to accommodate artwork, documentation, regulatory information, etc.
  • Simple installation requires no specific skills.
  • A variety of glazing materials are available.
  • Pick resistant sealant for the edges is available.

Patient Room Marker Boards

Patient Room Marker Boards can be fully customized with background art with a marker board on top to share communication with patients, staff, and visitors. Standard sizes and custom sizes with a wide selection of images are available.