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Artwork for Corporate


Artwork for Corporate

Transform your workspace into a true reflection of your business’s personality and culture with customized artwork. At My Favorite Art Place, we understand the power of art to not only enhance your brand but also boost productivity. Our specialty lies in crafting custom-sized, custom-colored artwork tailored to support your branding efforts, elevate workspaces, and drive productivity.

Whether it’s designing new artwork inspired by your Corporate Mission Statement or Core Values, ensuring they’re prominently displayed for both employees and clients to see daily, or refreshing existing artwork with contemporary frames for a modern touch, we are dedicated to solving your art decorating challenges and enriching your art collection.

With a proven track record spanning from small startups to international corporations with multi-locations, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs. Explore our portfolio of Corporate Installations below to see how we’ve transformed workspaces for businesses like yours.

Ready to elevate your workspace? Contact us today to discuss how our tailored artwork solutions can enhance your brand presence and productivity.

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Overview of Capabilities

From Concept to Installation

Fine Art Printer for over 3 decades:

• Giclée prints on a variety of canvas and papers
• Dye Sublimation on a variety of materials – metal, wood, whiteboards, etc.

Custom Art Framing for over 2 decades:

• From simple reframes to custom color designed molding
• Conservation Framing, Ligature Resistant Framing, Shadowboxes, and more.

Art Curation:

• Curate and source from Local Artists, Art Originals 2D, and 3D, Stock Images, etc.
• Includes negotiation of rights, royalties, etc.

Art Editing & Creation:

• Creation of custom size, custom color art.
• Edits of client images and stock images to customize colors, size, and more.
• Includes photo restoration.


• Shipping or full installations nationally.

Corporate Artwork

Corporate Artwork Portfolio

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