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Percy Kleinops



Percy Kleinops

Artist and Poet. Oil and acrylics on canvas. Digital art. Abstract Expressionism to Impressionism. Trending towards Narrative Impressionism combining both art and poetry.

My life’s journey includes practising law, being a law enforcement officer, volunteer fireman, entrepreneur, pioneer in the sustainable/organic food industry, artist, poet and more. My work as an artist and poet is the sum total of my life’s journey. I am inspired by the work of Suzanne Murphy and Charley Ponee.

Suzanne’s art inspires me to reach for perfectionism. As her studio partner, I learn each day by observation and her challenges to me. Charley lead me to Abstraction.

Beneath the skin, we are all the same. Who we are in life is different. There are no duplicates. As a Poet, my reason for writing is to help us reflect, understand and, ultimately, feel our humanity. As an artist, I want to paint my poetry. Art and poetry combined give a richer experience of the words and visual, triggering the imagination and leading us to an emotional journey. My abstract impressionist work begins with a meditation on a blank canvas until I am overwhelmed with the need to paint.

I published my first book of poems with art, “To Keep Us Human” and am completing my second with art, “Our Hearts Beat the Same”. I write at least a poem every day. I paint 6 days a week in our studio, Open Sky Studio and Gallery, 907 Klosterman Rd. Tarpon Spring, FL.

I am a member of the Tarpon Cove Art Association, PAVA (Professional Association of Visual Artists), Dunedin Fine Arts Center and Morean Fine Arts Center. Have participated in a number of juried art exhibits and have won both 1st and 2nd place. I am also a member of the Academy of American Poets, Society of American Poets and Florida State Poets Association

Visit my Fine Art Studio at PercyKleinops and our Open Sky Studio and Gallery Card, Book and Gift Shop at Handwords. My book To Keep Us Human is available at Amazon and the Card, Book and Gift shop.