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Candy Schultheis

Candy Schultheis, originally from Rhode Island, now lives in Dunedin and has her studio in downtown Dunedin. Her love for art began while working in her father’s photography studio, in the darkroom and in the art room retouching photos. When introduced to a professor from the Rhode Island School of Design she took up oil painting. Over the years her curiosity brought her to other mediums, such as pastel, acrylics and mixed media. When introduced to Intuitive Painting the whole direction of her work changed and became a joy based work rather than technical work. Her favorite thing to tell her students at the Dunedin Fine Art Center is, “It’s just painting. Paint for the joy!”

Ms Schultheis has won many awards from several Best of Shows to honorable mentions at Martini’s and Matisse. She also has several public artworks such as electrical boxes and painted sculptures.

What Inspires You
Many times I’ve been asked what inspires me. In the way that I paint, I start with a series of mark-making and processes with no thought in mind. I just express with paint. And as I do that what appears on my canvas is the inspiration. I might see a color and have to put another next to it. There might be a shape that I have to have more of or a line I want to see. But many times things just appear and the painting tells me what it wants to be. It becomes the teacher, and I the student. It’s always a mysterious journey.

Where can we see your work?
My work can be found at the Dunedin Fine Art Centers faculty gallery, the Dunedin Fine Art Center gift shop, Celestial Circles in Palm Harbor and at my studio which I share with Lorraine Potocki, CanLo Studio at Ann’s Monroe Street Gallery in Dunedin.