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Lisa Martin Smallwood (AKA Liasi ) a native from Philadelphia Pennsylvania currently resides in Tampa Florida, where she is following her ambitions as a Visual Artist. Liasi had been influenced early in life by listening to iconic jazz singers and musicians Her father Dowell Smallwood was a professional jazz drummer who played with; Johnny Styles and the Manhattans in the 1960s. and her mother Pauline had the grace of a beautiful Aria Songstress.

Liasi began her journey at a very early age attending various art programs in Philadelphia. She attended the Philadelphia for Creative and Performing Arts High School, Penn State, The Philadelphia Community College Arts Program and The Fine Arts Academy in Lansdowne Pennsylvania. In 2017 Liasi had the opportunity to attend the Carrie Stuart Parks Forensic School of Art held in Nashville Tennessee at the Federal Building of investigation. There she earned a certificate for Composite Sketch Artist for Law enforcement which allowed her to use her innate ability and artistic skills to work with victims of crime along with the interview process.

Liasi views life as a “Palate of Colors.” See more at her website LiasiCreations. For more information or to include her in your project contact the artist or My Favorite Art Place.