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Framing Canvas Art

Framing canvas art can look good in any environment – traditional through contemporary. It is also a great way to display and preserve your art. Liners are to canvases what a mat is to a paper print when choosing framing. Both serve as a border that provides a breathing space or area of visual relief so the frame doesn’t crowd the art and the art can be focused on without distraction from other elements in the decor. Most liners today are fabric covered but the first liners were gilded.

A float frame allows you to present the art without covering the edge as a standard frame will. When used alone, a float provides the most minimal frame design. Additionally, stacking a float frame with a regular frame can give you several exciting options to choose from, and provide a whole new look for the Artwork.

The possibilities are endless when working with a professional custom framer. Let us know what is important to you and we’ll make it simple and easy to decide.

Here is a canvas with a floater frame with a close up.

Canvas Framing Detail
Canvas Framing Details
Canvas Art with a Linen Liner

This shows a beautifully framed canvas art with a linen liner.

Here are multiple canvases framed together.

Multiple Canvases Framed Together