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Do You Offer Conservation Framing?

Yes, we offer a number of options for conservation framing. Glass, mats, and backing all have the most impact on the preservation of a framed item. The glazing (glass or acrylic) must be UV-protective to help filter out ultraviolet light. Beyond that, the matting, mounting materials, and backing must also be conservation-grade (acid and lignin-free to prevent yellowing, fading, and deterioration). With the combined magical forces of complete front and the back protection, your art—in all of its original glory— will beautify your space for years to come! Our standard conservation materials are as follows, but is by no means an exhaustive list:

UV-Filtering Glazing of Your Choice (from 78%-99% filtering) protects against environmental factors such as light, heat, pollution, and humidity—all of which can quickly fade and discolor your artwork.

Conservation Mat board is free from acid that will cause yellowish-brown stains to appear around the edges of your object and can also make the paper brittle, weak, and cause it to lose its value.

Archival Acid Free Foam Core Backing, much like acid-free matting, protects artwork from the corroding acids found in regular foam core board.


For More Information, Visit our page on Conservation Framing

Conservation Quality Framing