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How to choose the Right Glass (Glazing)

The primary purpose of the glass aka glazing in art framing is to clearly exhibit the work while physically protecting it from damaging factors such as light humidity, heat, and soiling.

Regular glass as well as some glass surface treatments can also filter some of the damaging ultra-violet radiation (UV) and heat (NIR). Artworks that require protective glazing are those rendered on paper or fabrics (including photographs), which contain pigments and dyes that absorb UV and are susceptible to discoloration.

In the case if the framed object or artwork is UV resistant, UV protection can still serve the purpose of preserving the integrity and colors of non-conservation grade framing materials susceptible to UV damage, such as mat board.

Although protection is a primary purpose of glazing, displaying an artwork is the primary purpose of framing it. Therefore, the least visible glazing best displays the artwork behind it.

Glare Reducing Glass

When it comes to glare-reducing glass, there are two types: non-glare glass, and Museum glass. Each type has a different appearance and different features.

Museum glass and Art glass is a modern and more widely used anti-reflective glass with conservation-grade UV protection. In addition to its nearly-invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so that framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer.

Non-glare glass is the original anti-reflective glass that enhances the beauty of artwork with an etched matte finish to scatter light and minimize unwanted glare. Although it is less reflective than regular clear glass, non-glare glass can have a slightly-frosted look in direct sunlight. It is available in both 45% UV protection and 99% UV protection.

What type of glass prevents fading?

UV-filtering glass is the only choice for lasting protection! We offer 3 types of glass with UV protection and 2 types of acrylic with UV protection. Each of these glazing products are up to 99% UV protective and will ensure that your artwork and memorabilia does not fade or discolor over time. Once you have decided to use UV protection glazing, your ultimate selection will depend on features like improved color clarity or reflection-control.

how to choose the Right Glass (Glazing)